Climatic and geographic variation in different parts of the province has caused the appearance of fauna and flora diversity. The most important protected areas in Zanjan province are: Angooran Protected Area, Located in Angooran district covering an area of 111,00 hectares, Sahrein Protected Area, located in the limits of Zanjan town ship, The most important wildlife of these regions are: Mammals like wild goat, wild sheep, gazelle, bear, hyena, leopard, wolf, rabbit, wild cat, fox, jackal, bore, squirrel and sable. Endemic birds like partridge, turtledove, grouse, ringdove, vulture, owl, dull-yellow partridge, pigeon, heron, goose, crane, duck, eagle, falcon, starling and.

Migratory birds like waterfowl, bustard, flamingo, crane, pelican, wild goose, grouse and different species of fishes.

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